Manifattura Fondazione Lisio, Firenze

The Palio fabric

This typical 16th century design was born in Florence and was produced as velvet in different color variations

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The Scaccato fabric

The motif is of great elegance that has spanned the centuries without losing its charm, we have proposed it in an exclusive limited production version by the Lisio Foundation with gold threads, the original design is taken from an original 16th century damask.

The Masaccio fabric

This design takes from a line drawn very much in vogue between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, as well as the technique of chiseled velvet, that is the curly hair and the cut hair that was born and developed in the sixteenth century starting from the Genoese manufactures to extend to those of Turin, Venice and Florence

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The Radica fabric

This wonderful and creative design is an exception as it is not an ancient original design but a modern reproduction of briar wood, a real test of style in the use of historical Jacquard hand looms by the historic Florentine foundation.