We are a brand born in the most difficult period of recent times, the pandemic. We have revolutionized our vision during the lockdown and now we are at work thanks to the extraordinary passion we have for our country and its art. We are an independent Italian brand that researches and uses the best products on the Italian territory to achieve the excellence of Made in Italy with the best of hand made finishes. Before becoming a brand, we are an Italian family that lives in the old part of Florence and breathes every day through the historic streets of the city. An ancient city that has remained so and where only the people seem to have changed extraordinarily, while instead the city has remained intact and alive in its historical past of excellence.
Our Eyewear are objects of value, real Italian artistic expressions. We have a lot to convey in terms of emotion, about how to live in an ancient city with the mentality of people who want to evolve.

 You are surrounded by works of art and you live in the past of your country but at the same time you are a citizen of the future and you cultivate your ideas of development about yourself, your future and your style. From the desire to combine the ancient with the modern, our Eyewear was born, the first glasses in the world that have the silk velvets of Florence hand-made with nineteenth-century looms and expertly created by the Master weavers of the historical foundation "Art of Silk Lisio of Florence “. We are enormously passionate about these historical designs and the precious work carried out by the Lisio Silk Art Foundation, a historical foundation in Florence born in 1971 to preserve and pass on the work of the 1906 Giuseppe Lisio Manufacture which with the late nineteenth century looms still today hands down and preserves the ancient silk workings. In a whole day, only a few centimeters of fabric can be made but what comes from a work of this level is of extraordinary beauty and charm.

Each design chosen has its own precise history, often dating back to the Italian seventeenth century period.
Our ambitious project aroused the curiosity of the producers and of the Foundation itself, which believed in our idea and made itself available to supply us with the most suitable fabrics.  Through eyewear we wanted to create a real "time machine" aimed at bringing its wearer back to ancient Florence.
 In ancient times, what was created was born to withstand time. This is why we at FATHER$ON FIRENZE rely on Italian origins, because we believe in our country and its riches.
 Each pair of glasses is a unique piece, just as each piece of silk velvet is different from the other and was made by hand, the glasses are numbered.


Our Eyewear sunglasses are a mixture of ancient and modern. During the hardest lockdown we saw an ancient and firm city. Visually, all the monuments that were usually hidden from the enormous human and tourist movement were noticed with extraordinary force. Without people and means of transport, the city of Florence has brought out its intact original soul, its extraordinarily rich and important past. So we were able to notice the details that we usually did not notice and by carrying out our research we discovered the extraordinary works of the “Lisio Silk Art Foundation”. We literally fell in love with the ancient geometries and designs as well as with the manual work carried out by their Master weavers, the exceptional care for every single detail, so we rediscovered our textile history and became strong supporters. 

We think it is extraordinary for those unfamiliar with this part of the world to be able to wear it and experience it in a tactile sense.
So to be able to bring them into contact with as many people as possible, we have chosen to design our EYEWEAR, to recreate an Italian cult object in the accessory we love most. We designed a modern shape in contrast to the fabrics with ancient designs, although once we made the combination we discovered that those fabrics are as modern as ever. The Eyewear of FATHER$ON FIRENZE are a bridge between the past and the future.