To talk to you better than us we use these images whose characters represent us very much. They express our way of relating in the world as well as in the life of FATHER$ON FIRENZE



We are the first, as a company, to affix a hand-woven velvet and silk brocade insert to eyewear with a modern design, with frames from the late nineteenth century.
Our goal is to bring into the future the ancient works of Italian excellence and the Italian Renaissance, transporting them into fashion in an eclectic way, enhancing the real Made in Italy of excellence, but always in a modern key.
We called our collection “THE TIME MACHINE 2022” because, like true time travelers, we bring into the future what existed in the past but in a contemporary way.
We create a bubble in time where past, present and future coexist at the same instant.


Fatherson Firenze connects to the value of the family in a universal and metaphorical sense.

In its name lies the meaning of taking "the father" from traditions to innovate "the son" recognizing the value of the connection between father and son "$"


We decided to focus on us and on our country, Italy, and make the most of it in terms of creativity and production that is completely "made in Italy". Our project, which has become a growing reality, was born to realize our dream of Italians who love fabrics and fashion, style, creativity, with a great desire to bring a little of our stylistic and artistic vision to the world. We, as an all-Italian brand, have chosen to invest a lot to keep the manufacturing 100% in Italy.

Clarissa Oliverio (designer & CEO)

Founder image

Emanuele Dani (CEO)